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Grow Your Law Firm Beyond 7 & 8 Figures

WITHOUT having to experience 'TRIAL & ERROR' marketing EVER AGAIN!

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ACCELERATE REVENUE IN YOUR LAW FIRM with our 'end to end' TRUST-BASED pipeline mechanics

REVEALED: 7 & 8 Figure PREDICTABLE Growth System

Pipeline Step 1

Trust-Based Advertising

Machine Learning Finds People Ready To Hire & Displays Trusted Ad Copy

Result: More Clicks

Pipeline Step 2

Trust-Based Funnels

Unique Funnels Deliver Upto 12x More Conversion Than Industry Average

Result: More Leads

Pipeline Step 3

Trust-Based Response

Response Mechanics Gets Meetings Booked Onto Your Intake Schedules 24/7

Result: More Calls

Pipeline Step 4

Trust-Based Meetings

Influence Framework Converts More Calls Into Clients Without Attorneys

Result: More $$$$

Magneto's Pipeline Means...

Problem Solved

The problems associated with using an agency to help grow a law firm are many. But with Magneto's Pipeline Growth System you can wave them goodbye...


No more waiting to see results...

How many agencies have you worked with that tell you, you have to wait 3-6 months for things to start working? Not with your NEW Pipeline Growth System!


Watch as schedules fill up...

As we turn on your New Pipeline Campaigns you'll experience a non-stop flow of potential new clients appear on your schedules like MAGIC ready to take your call! 


Pedictable lead flow every week...

You know there's nothing worse than not being able to predict your future revenue. You live in hope but you just don't know because you don't have a systematic way to buy business. Wave those days goodbye when you turn on your New Pipeline Growth System. 


No need to chase down leads anymore...

Ever wasted valuable time trying to get hold of leads after they've called and left a message or filled in a form on your website? With your New Pipeline Growth System we do all of that for you. Instead our US based call centers respond in seconds and turn leads into meetings! 


All leads qualified for you..

There's nothing worse than speaking to people who you can't help because they don't qualify due to jurisdictional issues or other reasons. But with our call center logic we qualify all leads before they get booked so whereever possible you just speak to REAL potential cases. 


Win business while other law firms are sleeping...

Another huge leverage point you'll have over the competition is being able to qualify and book leads onto the schedule outside of business hours. It is not uncommon to wake up in the morning and see new potential clients on the calendar that were not there after you left the office the night before!


News media coverage & leading reputation comes as standard...

When you're running media for law firms one of the things many agencies don't understand is how important authority & reputation is to conversion rates. So your New Pipeline Growth System comes with news media coverage as well as state of the art reputation management.


Millions in ad spend managed by a media buying team focused on law...

Another HUGE benefit of your New Pipeline Growth System is it comes with a media buying team that is not only FOCUSED ON LEGAL SERVICES but that manages millions of dollars in ad spend year in year out. This means your Pipeline Campaigns work out of the gate using proven ad creatives & lead funnels.


Intake team coached to 10X your marketing spend...

From years of working with intake teams we know one thing... all the money is buried in YOUR INTAKE FUNCTION.  That's why we've developed our proprietary 'BOMBS' formula (including little known/big difference frameworks) and coach your intake teams so they're able to dramatically increase the number of potential cases that turn into fees. 


Raise your fees without fear of losing clients...

As all of our clients' got busier after installing their New Pipeline Growth System they were able to make the most profitable move in the history of their firm... they raised their fees. The crazy thing is they saw hardly any drop off in conversion and instead got better clients because of it :)


Intake pipelines automated...

With your New Pipeline Growth System we not only call & speak to every lead, qualify them and book them in for you. On top of all of that we also use our automations to send new potential clients directly into your new PIPELINE CRM you'll use when you work with us, so your intake team can instantly have all the potential case details without any manual entry.


All your systems talking to each other & streamlined...

Not only do we automate your intake in terms of potential new clients instantly being sent into your system but we also eliminate any rekeying of data when a client signs an engagement agreement. Instead all of their information is transferred into your case management system.


Pay less than the competition to buy the market...

One of the benefits you'll instantly receive as part of your New Pipeline Growth System is the media buying power that comes with it. Because our funnels convert at upto 12x the industry average, anyone competing with you will need to spend upto 12x more to receive the same number of leads!


All cases costed to the $...

The foundation of your New Pipeline Growth System is that it DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT DOES! To back this up all of your Pipeline Campaigns are tracked on a real time dashboard we share with you. This dashboard will not only show you cost per lead, but also cost per meeting and cost per case so instead of worrying about a 'marketing budget' you'll know what it costs to buy business for your firm and what you're ROI is.

Are You Like Sam Used To Be?

Law Firm Marketing San Berrnardino, CA

Are You Like Sam Used To Be?

Sam was running his firm in San Bernardino trying to solve problems like...

  • ​Problem One: He couldn't get enough leads
  • ​Problem Two: The leads he did get were too expensive & just price shopping
  • ​Problem Three: He couldn't get any of the big agencies to solve the problem

And then he found our 'end to end' pipeline system! Since turning on the system… in just 6 months Sam has more than doubled the revenues of the firm and has smashed through the 7-Figure glass ceiling… WITHOUT NEEDING TO SPEND ONE MINUTE BOOKING LEADS ONTO THE SCHEDULE

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How Law Firm Owners Feel About Our Unique Pipeline System

What Law Firms are ACTUALLY saying...

Rory Clark - Leesburg, VA

Law Firm Marketing Leesburg, VA Trusts And Estate Planning Attorney


If you're looking for a new way of doing business... you're going to be so busy with the work that 's being created out of the system...  it's transformational!"

Bob Brumfield - Bakersfield, CA

Law Firm Marketing Bakersfield, CA Trusts And Estate Planning Attorney


The system is completely different and you've proven through actions you do what you say you're gonna do."

Grow Your Law Firm Beyond 7 & 8 Figures With...

The ONLY Purpose Built 'End to End' Pipeline Growth System For Law Firms

Do you run or work in a law firm struggling to find a way to breakthrough stagnant levels of growth? If so my team and I help local & national firms every day overcome this problem by installing a proven pipeline growth system that is ONLY AVAILABLE ON AN EXCLUSIVE 'AREA BY AREA' BASIS.