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How To Build Authority Into Your Website

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Imagine you’re a potential client and you’re trying to get to know whether or not your firm is a good fit for their case and situation.

So they go to your website and see the same old stuff that’s on all the other law firms sites they’ve been looking at and they leave!

But what if they went to your website and saw a menu that said ‘Hot Topics’?

And just imagine if they clicked on it and in that section they found some real insights you’d shared about their problem that not only helped them but also led them to prefer you and your firm?

So what was that thing we disguised in the menu of our site called ‘Hot Topics’?


You see when you know how to use a blog in terms of your law firm you’ll be way ahead of the curve when it comes to your peers (especially when it comes to attracting better clients).

It works like this.

It doesn’t matter if somebody recommended your firm to a friend.

One of the first places they’re going to look to check you out is the world wide web.

And even if your firm wasn’t recommended, and somebody is randomly searching for a law firm – where do you think they’ll look first?


So wouldn’t it be great if when they found your law firm you stood out and were positioned as an authority?

Having A Website Is Not Enough… Google Loves BLOGS x

Websites contain what’s known as “static content” – that is content that doesn’t change and is not often updated. But static content is not what the Google bots look for when ranking sites.

Instead, Google is looking for fresh content. The type that gets updated, read and commented by other people. That’s why Google loves blogs. And why your law firm should have one.

But now let’s think for a second from the point of view of your prospective client. What are they looking for?

Results In Advance…

Before hiring your firm, your prospective client is going to make damn sure that they’re hiring someone that’s been in the trenches and that’s lived to tell the tale. Is there a better way to establish your reputation and track record than by displaying your expertise?

This is where a blog comes in.

Taking a conversational tone in your law firm’s blog, explaining certain subjects and adding insight is the way to go to establishing yourself as an authority.

Keeping legal jargon to a minimum while allowing the personality of whoever is writing to shine – is the way to establish your firm as one with expertise and one that your prospective client will want to work with.

A great example of a blog that gets this right is this bankruptcy blog of Attorney Bryan P. Keenan…

Build Trust

Have you noticed that we’re becoming increasingly untrusting of each other? Especially in certain industries?

Through your law firm’s blog, you can break this cycle.

A blog is a great way to build trust by giving your best content.

Readers get to know your voice and what to expect from your blog. And by answering questions and addressing fears that potential clients have, your law firm can come to be known as one that is dedicated, honest and knowledgeable.

See The D&O Diary, by Kevin LaCroix. He’s got a great thing going here.

Your business. Your blog. Your brand.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that a law firm is a business like any other business. As such it is not above branding needs.

Branding through demonstrating ‘results in advance’ helps law firms cut through the clutter and stand out from other law firms.

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The best place to start is to go and watch a NEW CASE STUDY on how we got these reviews.

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